Picasso Suite 347

Kosme De. Baer,brigitte Baranano

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AUTOR Kosme De. Baer,brigitte Baranano
ISBN none

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Suite was executed by Pablo Picasso (–) at high speed in period of less than seven months. works were completed in days, from 16th March to 5th October , when the artist entered his 87th year. A major effort and a unique series using all . The Series or Suite is a series of etchings by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso executed between March 16 and October 8 The work was Picasso's largest in terms of the number of individual prints in the series; and his penultimate large etching series before the Series of It was dedicated to his friend Jamie Sabartes. The “ Suite” is Pablo Picasso ’s largest print series, named for the number of works therein. When released in late , the “ Suite” quickly made headlines, with reporters baffled by the rapid production of the series. At 86 years old, Picasso had created etchings and aquatints in . Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Suite , März , Kaltnadelradierung, mit Bleistift von Picasso handsigniert, aus der 50 - er original Edition, inkl. spanischem Rahmen im Format 73 x 85 x 6 cm im Werksverzeichnis aufgeführt unter: Catalogo Georges Bloch Tomo II Pag. Nr. Eine umfassende Sammlung von Kunst und Design in vier Gebäuden. Erleben Sie Meisterwerke von Edvard Munch, Nikolai Astrup und Pablo Picasso. Other articles where Suite is discussed: Pablo Picasso: Early years: etchings and engravings known as Suite (). Get this from a library! Picasso, Suite [Pablo Picasso; Kosme María de Barañano Letamendía; Brigitte Baer]. Get this from a library! Picasso: Suite [Pablo Picasso; Ivana Iotta; Donatella Migliore; Museo civico Ala Ponzone di Cremona (Italy)]. Title: Picasso Suite. Year: Edition: Sheet Size: 30" x 21" Reference: Czw Call for Value. More Photos. Advanced Search. Title; Date; Edition; Reference; Artist. Portfolio; Sold. Search. Join our Mailing List. E-mail Address: More Pieces. Click for more images. Click for more images. Click for more images. Click for more images. Artist Biography Pablo Picasso was born on. At eighty-six years old, Picasso embarked on his largest print series, Suite , named for the number of sheets it contains. This project, completed in less than seven months, was facilitated by Paris printers Aldo and Piero Crommelynck, who had moved to the South of France to set up an etching workshop near his residence. Wide ranging in its motifs, Suite engages spectacle and theater. First edition so stated, 2 vols, oblong folio (16½ x 11¾), pp. (), 22, (2), illustrations after the engravings by Picasso, (1) blank, (4) catalogue, (1) blank, (1) colophon; (6), illustrations after the engravings by Picasso, (1) blank, (4) catalogue. Original gilt lettered white buckram backed gilt lettered black cloth, top edges gilt, in original purple felt lined fold.